Uhaul Tips and Money Saving Tricks

When do I need to reserve my truck?

As soon as you know that you need to move. A concrete date isn’t always important, although helpful, as you can always reschedule as things change. The sooner you make that reservation, the better you chances are of getting the equipment you want, for the amount of time you want, where you want.

Seriously, make your reservation early!

The sooner the better. You can make a reservation up to 364 days in advance. Once you know you are moving, do it. Details change, and so do reservations. a simple phone call is all it takes. Why though? It locks in the rate. When you are really far out, a lot of times these rates are as low as they will ever be. Things typically only get more expensive the closer to the day you get. Sometimes this isn’t the case, for whatever reason. Don’t fret! We will be more than happy to lower that promised rate on the day if the rate is less than what we promised 6 months ago.

What do I need to bring to rent?

To rent a U-haul truck, you will need a few things. First and foremost a valid United States or Canadian driver’s license is required to rent. Do not bring in your ticket that “works like a license”. It may work if you’re pulled over, but not to rent a U-Haul.

Secondly, you will need a credit or debit card. If you do not have one of these, not to worry, we can still help you. We will just a little more info. The credit/debit card MUST be present at time of rental. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If not using a credit/debit card, a $100 deposit will be required to rent a U-Haul. Additionally, “meaningful assurance” will also be required. Acceptable items are listed below. These items will be retained until the rental truck is returned and the transaction is completed. It is the customer’s responsibility to retrieve these items.

Acceptable “meaningful assurance”

  1. Car registration
  2. Picture work id
  3. Long distance phone bill with matching address to your drivers licence
  4. Green card
  5. Passport
  6. Military ID 

Why can’t I have my truck longer then the time allotted?

It is CRITICAL that you make you reservation a.s.a.p. to avoid this question. As we have a limited supply of equipment, reservations are taken as a first come, first scheduled basis. This means that if you make your reservation 3 weeks in advance, and you need a 17’ U-haul truck 18 hours on a Saturday, there is a good chance that you will get just that. However if you wait until, say the Wednesday before your move, there might only be 6 hours available in a smaller truck as the time slot requested is already partially occupied by another family who already made a reservation.

Now that you have that reservation, lets save you some money.

We have been doing this uhaul thing for a long time. Benefit from some free advise as our way of saying, “Welcome to the neighborhood”.


Sometimes, when you make that reservation, there can be a little sticker shock. Is there any way we can help?

Sort answer is no. Its not our truck. We just rent them. That said, there is plenty that you can do to remedy this on your own, before the day.

Call Penske. Now, we are not recommending that you rent a Penske truck. Not at all. After all, we are trying to ensure an awesome moving experience, and that would be counter productive. What we are suggesting is, simply call for a quote. In some cases, the truck they quote you for the same move will be cheaper. This is the case on super busy weekends more often than not, as they are trying to trick people into their equipment. Thing is, Uhaul will match that rate, and in some cases even beat it. Give it a try.

Another thing you can try is checking the rates to other cities nearby your destination.

Yes, we know that means more driving, but sometimes an extra 5 miles can save you hundreds.

Say you are wanting to move to Roswell, because hey, who wouldn’t right? Thing is. The rate is $600. Why so high? Turns out everyone and their brother wants to move here. Its nice, what can we say? This creates high prices because the more people are coming into town on a particular weekend, the higher price it will be, sometimes reaching astounding levels. However, that particular weekend no one is moving to Alpharetta. A quick city change and suddenly your rate drops from $600 to $275. Just. Like. That. Sure you have to drive a little tiny bit out of the way… but why wouldn’t you?